360° Wellness Management

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How do you operate your wellness services?

We design and implement all the wellness services that your company needs – from the designs of a gym to content creation and operational services.

Our services include
carefully selected packages that are customized to meet your needs. We provide services ranging from individual event planning to large scale activities as well as lectures, classes and personal training.

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We design and implement your

gym and wellness facilities

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The biggest expense item in your gym is your equipment. Therefore, it's crucial that you put time and effort in choosing your equipment. There are a lot of big differences in both price and quality when it comes to different vendors' gym equipment.

We offer to do the planning and consulting for you and your clients to meet your actual requirements. We will design the gym layout, meet the needs of your customers and gym profile, make sure all the equipment is carefully planned to match physiological and anatomical requirements for your customers. And on top of that - we make this all fit into your budget.

We offer you an unbiased proposal from different gym equipment vendors. We will tender out and compare different vendors for you. We will gather a best package for your budget!

We take care of running your fitness center's operational business.

We make bring your fitness center to life, help you find more customers, motivate and take care of routines - while you can focus on your core business!

Choose the best options for your fitness center or better yet, let us take care of all of them.

• Day-to-day operative business planning and revenue logic
• Planning and managing weekly calendars
• Graphic design, marketing and sales
• Human resources, class instructors and other personnel
• Customer service at the door
• Music service agreements
• Customer Relationship Management systems

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Operating your

fitness centers


fitness classes

and customized classes
for your company

We offer highly professional and skilled personal training, fitness & yoga classes and even a customized fitness class for your company.
With a wide variety of classes we can combine a total fitness solution that fits just your needs. We bring best out of people and can motivate our clients to achieve both their fitness and wellness goals.

• Personal training, physiological coaching etc.
• Fitness classes
• Private classes for companies
• Wellness days and projects for companies
• Weekly fitness scheduling

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InnoWellness will consult you to create an inspiring wellness event.
We're happy to offer an all-inclusive fitness event planning and execution service.
No matter the size or audience of your wellness event - we make sure it's an event like no other!

Our mission is to create fitness memories that last a lifetime!


and running

fitness events

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Our recent feedback
"We were part of wellness event in Säterinportti, Espoo. The venue was very unique with its atmosphere and furniture. Being part of the wellness community ourselves we were also impressed by the design of Säterinportti's gym - even with the hot yoga room. "
Jutta Larm os. Gustafsberg & Juha Larm
"InnoWellness is an amazing partner for producing wellness events and maximizing the wellbeing in a work community."
Antti Jouppila
International event producer
"I have been working with the InnoWellness team for several years, and during these years they have been planning and executing several events that have been very successful. I am pleased to say I can recommend working with them."

Teresa De Rita-Cavlek
Gym owner
Event host
"The event was organized very professionally since the beginning and the theme was taken care of, as well. All the snacks were very fitting to the theme, too, which meant that healthiness and freshness was taken care of. Number of participants blew us away in a positive manner and every seat was reserved, which means the marketing was done professionally."
Jutta Larm os. Gustafsberg & Juha Larm
Founder of FitFarm
" An event that has been organized so wholeheartedly and professionally is a pleasure to come and give a speech. We're more than happy to come visit InnoWellness organized event in the future. "
Jutta Larm os. Gustafsberg
& Juha Larm