P-C Nordensved  


"I would like to thank consultant Jenni Nordström on an exceptional work she did on our “Fit1 Vaasa XXL”- gym project. The gym opened September 9th 2018.

Jenni was responsible of the interior design of the 1400m2 gym that we built into an old warehouse, she also designed the marketing materials for the Fit1 Vaasa XXL pre-sale and organized the grand opening event, which was very successful even thou the construction work finished only 6 hours before opening!

Of my 20+ years as an operator in the fitness industry I have known Jenni for the last 15 years and I must say she has grown to be one of the most versatile managers in the industry. Not only she has a very clear understanding of the ever changing customer demands and fitness trends, but she also has brilliant visions of the fitness centers architectural design and efficient layout planning. And on top of all she has an up to date knowledge of the fitness and wellness marketing in the social medias as well as on traditional instruments."